• Please download the following apps for the efficient use of this app.
    • Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi
  • “TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi” may not be available for download in certain countries and regions.
  • This app is available in the following languages. The language to use switches automatically to your preset preferred language for your device. If the language to use is not supported by the app, English will be selected.
    Chinese (traditional and simplified Chinese) / English / Korean / Japanese / Thai
  • This app is provided free of charge. However, if your devices are not connected to free public wireless LAN (Free Wi-Fi), etc., the cost is incurred for communication to use the Internet to download and use the apps, and the cost shall be borne by you.
  • Do not use the app while walking as it may lead to an accident or injury.
  • Please see the following link for the use of mobile phones, Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) devices, Wi-Fi devices, etc. brought from overseas.
  • Please be aware of the following issues when you use “FREE Wi-Fi PASSPORT” service of SoftBank Corp.
    • Authentication using ID and PW is necessary to avoid the misuse including cybercrimes. If an individual’s phone number is used as ID and the malicious use is made, the individual user may be identified.
    • This Wi-Fi service is provided without encryption. Please use this service considering this security implication.
    • In order to use “FREE Wi-Fi PASSPORT”, you have to have international roaming service contract with your original telephone carrier. Please check with the carrier for details.
    • The service may not be available to customers of certain original telephone carriers.
    • The service is not available to devices that do not support W-CDMA protocol. Also, the service may not be available to customers who use prepaid SIM or other special service contracts.
    • Please make sure that you are using SoftBank as roaming service when you use this service.

Terms of Use for AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect

  1. Objectives
    Terms of User for AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect (hereafter “the Terms of Use“) is the terms of use with regard to the use of AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect (hereafter “the Application”) provided by Aichi Prefecture (hereafter “the Prefecture). The Application is provided to improve convenience, increase opportunities to receive information while traveling, receive necessary information in catastrophes, accidents and incidents, receive info. at big events, etc. for user of the Service (hereafter “the User”) visiting Aichi prefecture (hereafter “the Prefecture”) and/or its nearby areas by notifying the Users who use Japan Connected free Wi-Fi, TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi or the Application of nearby available free public wireless LAN access point(s) (hereafter “the Service”) via the Application.
  2. Information collected by this app and its usage
    This app collects how often the user accesses each SSID on Wi-Fi connection screen when the user uses this service. (This is called access information subsequently.) Aichi prefecture processes the access information so that individual identification is not possible, and passes such data to servers that are managed by the prefecture or a third party designated by the prefecture to analyze such data statistically in order to improve the utility of this service.
  3. Agreement to the Terms of Use
    The User may use the App after agreeing to this Terms of Use. The User shall be deemed to have agreed to this Terms of Use when they press the “Agree” button of the App.
  4. Service
    This Service notifies the User of the nearby available free public wireless LAN access point(s).
  5. Service Charge
    This App and Service shall be provided free of charge. However, the network provider subscription fees, communication expenses, etc. for using the Internet shall be borne by the User.
  6. Prohibited actions
    The User shall not perform the following actions when they are using this Service.

    1. To infringe on the rights of the Prefecture or any third party
    2. To cause disadvantage or damages to the Prefecture or any third party
    3. To collect, accumulate or publish the secret/private information of the Prefecture or any third party illegally
    4. To violate the terms of use of the free public wireless LANs notified by the Service
    5. To violate public order or morality
    6. To use devices that do not have the Technical Conformity Mark beyond the allowed number of days specified in Japanese Radio Act.
    7. To violate Japanese laws and regulations or the ordinances of the Prefecture
  7. Suspension, discontinuance or termination of the Service
    The content of the Service may be changed, and the Service may be suspended, discontinued and terminated without or after notifying the User.
  8. Disclaimer
    1. The Application does not guarantee the access to or the availability for the User of the free public wireless LAN access point(s) notified via the Service at all times.
    2. The Prefecture shall bear no responsibility for any kind of damages occurring to the User as a result of either the use or unavailability of the Service.
  9. Language
    This Terms of Use shall be executed in Japanese. This Terms of Use may be translated in any language other than Japanese for the purpose of reference. But the Japanese text shall govern the interpretation of this Terms of Use.
  10. Governing Law
    The formation, validity and performance of this Term of Use shall be, in all aspects, governed by and interpreted under the laws of Japan.
  11. Miscellaneous rules
    1. The content of the Terms of Use may be changed without or after notifying the User.
    2. By using the Service after the Terms of Use has been changed, the User shall be deemed to have agreed to the changed Terms of Use.
    3. In the event that legal action is required regarding the interpretation of the Terms of Use and/or the performance of the Application, it shall be brought exclusively into the Nagoya District Court as a first instance of jurisdictional court.
  • Supplemental section
    This Terms of Use becomes effective on September 20, 2019.