By using this app, you can easily connect to Free Wi-Fi spots in Aichi prefecture. Proceed by selecting one of the following items.

Before use

A useful app for Free Wi-Fi connection.
Download this app and the following two apps to use Free Wi-Fi efficiently. With these apps, you can easily connect to Free Wi-Fi spots in Aichi prefecture.

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

Download the app

Operations on the start page

  1. Display nearby available Free Wi-Fi spots. You can connect to a Free Wi-Fi spot by selecting it.
  2. Download Wi-Fi connection app.
  3. Go to “User Guide” of this app (this page).
  4. Go to Terms of Use and Precautions.
  5. Go to the information page provided by Aichi prefecture.

How to connect to Free Wi-Fi

Select “Wi-Fi connection” on the top page to display the following page.

  • A list of Wi-Fi SSIDs which are available near your current location will be displayed.
    A Wi-Fi SSID that can be connected by using the recommended Wi-Fi connection apps will be marked.
  • By selecting the SSID to connect,
    • The app to connect the Wi-Fi will automatically start. (Then, connect to Wi-Fi by using the app.)
    • If the app has not been downloaded yet, the screen to download the app will be displayed, so download the app.
    • If you wish to connect to Wi-Fi without using the app, a browser will be displayed. Enter necessary information and connect to Wi-Fi.